by Korbinian Scheck | 17.08.2022 | reading time: 10 minutes

The digital guest service solution for your hotel, hostel, B&B, apartment or holiday home with myLike

Get a head start on your competition now and enter the post-pandemic era with a tailwind!

With myLike’s Mobile Concierge, you can provide your guests with personal tips for great places, experiences and tours in your vicinity directly on their smartphone – thanks to our white label option now also exclusively under your own brand and adapted to the corporate CI (Corporate Identity).

Your benefit from your improved guest service

Offer a five-star service with your own digital concierge and share your personal recommendations for unique experiences and unforgettable memories across all your communication channels and systems.

  • Inspire and support your guests with personal tips for great places, experiences and tours​
  • Increase your revenue per guest by direct booking of external and internal services you recommend
  • Motivate your guests to extend their stay through active destination marketing -> “Workation”
  • Strengthen customer loyalty with your guests before, during and after their stay
  • Relieve your team with an easy-to-use digital support tool

Hotel Use: Easy integration into all hotel systems for small, medium and large hotels and chains

For hotels, the Mobile Concierge can be easily used and integrated as a PWA or Map Widget into your existing hotel system infrastructure. Now your guests can access your tips along their whole journey either as stand-alone solution or integrated in your communication channels, website, bots or apps. Relieve your own concierge or front-desk team through your well curated tips the guests can access 24/7 on their smartphones. Increase your revenue per guest through cross-selling third party services and strengthen your customer loyalty throughout the entire customer journey.

Hostels can offer a modern service to its ‘mobile first’ guests 

Due to the predominantly young and mostly technically affine guests in your hostel, the your Mobile Concierge from myLike offers you the chance to offer unique and modern service to your guests as an innovative host. Whether it’s a day trip, sightseeing or nightlife, thanks to mobile use, your tips are available to your guests 24/7. You can also promote your additional offers or cooperate with suitable companies to increase your own sales.

Perfect fit for apartments & holiday homes without a reception

The Mobile Concierge from myLike is an excellent solution for your apartment or holiday home without a reception. Easily create your recommendations, tours and lists and make them available to your guests before and during their stay through the myLike platform. Your modern service can be used stand alone or integrated in your existing infrastructure. It is available around the clock without you having to be personally available. This relieves your team while improving guest service at the same time. 

Ideal for B&Bs due to the personal touch

The Mobile Concierge is the perfect solution for your B&B as it works stand alone and allows you to provide your personal insider tips to your guests without additional technical infrastructure. Your guest will appreciate receiving your personal tips in addition as a handy and easy to use digital travel guide on their smartphones. Inspire your guests to stay longer by showing them all the great things they can do around your B&B.

That’s how it works

first step: Add your own personal recommendations and services to the myLike platform and decide who can see your tips – opening times and addresses are added automatically. So you just have to add why you actually recommend the places, experience to your guests (you can do this in multiple languages). It takes about 1-2 minutes to add a tip. If you have your own photos, please feel free to add them with one click.

second step: Organize your tips in lists or tours – for example by topic (best running tracks) or target group (things to do with children). You can also decide who can see your lists – only your guests or everybody. 

third step: Integrate and share your tips with your guests across all physical and digital touchpoints such as email, QR codes, 3rd party apps, website, etc., staying connected before, during and after their stay. 

Simple operation for you and by your guests

In addition to being easy to set up and maintain by your team, your Mobile Concierge also impresses with its ease of use by your guests. Once you have created and approved your tips and tours, your guests can access them via their mobile device, a browser or others systems you use – both before, during and after their stay – without loading an app. This constant accessibility of your personal recommendations makes our platform ideal for guiding your guests to the geolocated locations and tours – without having to access other apps or maps.

Furthermore, you enable your guests to book local services and activities easily and conveniently via your digital Guest Guide with just one click.