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Digital Travel Guide2020-08-22T10:40:54+02:00



Share your personalized recommendations for unique places, attractions and tours directly on your customer’s smartphone.
myLike’s Digital Travel Guide helps you to deliver personal, authentic and ready to experience insider tips, which your customers use to plan their trip and can enrich with their own impressions and memories. Serve all your personal and digital customer touch-points and communication channels from one easy to maintain personal database.
Generate additional revenue by up-selling local services and activities.



Make your inspiring content of your life-style magazine, travel guide or maps ready to experience by your readers right on their smartphones. Add interactive maps to your website and deep-links to your print material, e-books and newsletter leading to your geolocated tips.




Inspire your customers about the destinations they can travel to with your mobility service. Help them to find the best locations along the trip or at the destination with interactive maps on your website, info-terminals, print material, deep-links from mails and newsletters or directly from your staff. Usable for train & bus operators, airlines, car rental companies, scooter companies, limo-services and more.



Inspire your customers about the holiday destinations you recommend to them. Help them to find the most beautiful places and experiences at the destination – ready to explore and book. Use interactive maps on your website, your blog, info terminals, deep links from welcome e-mails and newsletters or direct tips from your staff. Usable by OTAs, DMOs and tourism offices.



Provide the details of the tours right on your customers smartphone to allow them to remember the highlights and enrich them with their own impressions – before, during or after the tour. Use our Map-Widget on your website, deep-links in your booking mail or your team to provide the details. If you want you can also add additional information like hotels, restaurants and more.

Your tips and lists can be used under your brand name by your customers on their browser or as IOS or Android app.

Guests Phone

Your website, blog or wifi landing page become interactive with maps created with our map widget – ready to be synced by your customers and readers to their smart phones.

Your Website

Your infotainment system or info-terminals with interactive maps or PWA can be synced by your customers to their phones.


Your customers can sync the tips from your print material directly to their smartphones.

Print material













Save any geolocated experiences and spots like restaurants, hotels, bars, beaches, playgrounds, spas, doctors, clubs, tourist attractions and much more.



Organize your saved spots in lists by topic, tours or interest group and share them with your customers. Convert them to interactive maps for your website with our map-widget.



Share your personal recommendations easily with your customers, inside and outside of myLike – via email, Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat and other communication channels.



With our integrated navigation option your customers can navigate the quickest way to your tips or order an Uber or other services.



Connect with your customers and stay connected even after their journey.



Your customers can use myLike in 11 languages (DE, EN, FR, IT, PT, ES, RU, TR, PL, HR, HU) – more coming soon. You can comment each of your tips in as many languages as you want.



Decide who can see your individual tips and list (keep it private or provide access to an exclusive group or to everybody).



Easily integrate your lists as interactive maps into your website, blog or info-terminals.



Use the business dashboard on your desktop to manage followers, content, lists, links, map widgets, guest mode and more.



What is myLike’s Digital Travel Guide and who can use it?2020-05-02T11:53:35+02:00

Inspire with your bespoke Digital Travel Guide your customers and readers with personal and personalized, location-based recommendations for amazing spots and cross-sell fantastic experiences. All this in multiple languages across all your digital and physical touch-points like website, pre-travel mail, print, info-terminals, own apps and many more. Your customers and readers can use your tips anywhere and anytime right on their smartphone to plan their travel and decide on the go where to go next. They can book your tips and enrich them with their own experiences using myLike as their Personal Travel Planner. With myLike they stay digitally connected with you before, during or after their trips and you can cross-sell local experiences.

myLike offers one easy to maintain database for all your tips which can be easily integrated in all your systems (websites, mail systems, terminals, Apps) or connected to your CRM. Your tips can also be easily shared across all your communication channels like mail or social media. Our Map Widget converts your website and info-terminals to interactive sources of inspiration, deep links enhance your mail communication and QR codes on your print media and displays lead right to your tips on your customers smart phone.

Our Digital Travel Guide can be used by Mobility Companies (train, airplane, bus, car rentals, scooter & bicycle rentals and more), Tourism Agencies, OTAs, Tourist Offices, DMOs and Media Companies (lifestyle and travel) or others.

Hotels, hostels and B&Bs should use our Mobile Concierge to provide personalized tips to their guest before and during the stay at their property.

How do I create a list?2020-06-13T12:10:17+02:00

Lists are fantastic and very helpful to organize your myLikes (and those of other users) by theme or target group (e.g. ’24 hours in New York’, ‘Activities for kids’, ‘My favorite sushi restaurants’). They also form the basis for our innovative Map Widget, which allows you to convert your lists into interactive maps for your website or blog. You can create as many lists as you like and copy your own myLikes or the myLikes of others into them. You can copy one myLike into several lists.

A list has several characteristics that you can personalize

  • Theme list photo – choose a nice one as it will be visible when you split the list
  • Name of the list – short but inspiring
  • Description of the list – make it exciting for you and others
  • Visibility of the list – like a myLike you can define the visibility of a specific list to the outside

You can easily create lists in several ways:

Option 1

  1. open a myLike and click on <Add to list>
  2. then you can either add it to an existing list by tapping on it
  3. or you can create a new one by clicking on <Add List>

Option 2

  1. Open the hamburger menu on the main map
  2. Click on <Lists>
  3. There you will find the button <Add List>

You can then set the name of the list, add a description, set its visibility to others, and add a theme image.

Create a list
On which devices and systems can I use myLike?2020-05-02T11:53:34+02:00

myLike is a platform solution available as App, PWA, Map Widget and Desktop and can be used and integrated in various devices and platforms:

  • On your smart phone:
    mylike is available for IOS and Android as app – please go to the respective app store for download. In addition, you can use it on your browser as PWA (Progressive Web App) (please see Guest-Mode)
  • Your website, blog or info-terminals
    With myLike’s Map Widget you can integrate interactive maps in your website, blog, Wifi landing-pages or info-terminals.
  • Your own apps or systems:
    If you are a business user of myLike’s Mobile Concierge or Digital Travel Guide, you can integrate myLike in your systems, apps or terminals as Progressive Web App (PWA).


Can I use myLike worldwide?2020-05-02T11:53:34+02:00

myLike works globally and is available in 11 languages.

Who can see my tips and lists?2020-05-02T11:53:34+02:00

You can define who can see your individual tip or list – set it to private, for friends only, accessible by followers or visible to everybody.

During the creation of a myLike or a list the screen below appears where you can define the visibility. You can change this anytime.

For example, you can memorize places privately (e.g. for travel planning) and once you have been there and enriched with your own experiences, you can make it visibility for others.

Can I integrate myLike in my own or third party apps or systems?2020-05-09T13:19:56+02:00

Yes you can do so. myLike is available as PWA (Progressive Web App) and can be integrated in any App or System (like Room Pads, Inflight-entertainment, Info-terminals, Robots…). Additionally you can integrate myLike as interactive map using our Map Widget. On request we can also provide an API.

Please contact our team to discuss details of your requirements at

What ist the Guest Mode?2020-06-16T15:15:11+02:00

Your customers, guests and audience can now experience your tips right on their browser as Progressive Web App (PWA) without he need to download the myLike App as.

If they click on one of your follow invitations, shared links or ‘Get these tips’ on your interactive maps on your website they have now the option to either use myLike on their browser or download the myLike app.

Mobile Use:
If the user opens a link on his mobile device he can decide to either continue as guest (Guest Mode) or load the myLike app. Using the guest mode restricts the user to the viewing mode, he cannot add own content or share content. As a guest he can see what you released to your followers.

The welcome screen displays your logo (you can set them in your profile settings in the dashboard) so you are easily recognized as the inviting party.

The next screen opens then depending on the link you provided:

  • Link to a list – the list logo is displayed in the right top corner as source
  • Follow invite – your avatar is displayed as source
  • Single myLike – the myLike opens in its detail view
  • Link from an interactive map – opens the like the link to a list

Functional limitations:
In guest mode, users are logged in as generic guests (with follower status). This allows them to see all your tips that are released for followers. However, they cannot save tips themselves, create lists or share them with others. For this purpose they must create their own accounts.

Guest Mode

Save Guest Mode on mobile phone’s home screen:
Your customers can save the Guest-View right on their home screen as an icon. They will be triggered to do os but they can do this also manually any time later.

PWA on homescreen

If the user opens your links on the desktop, he can either send a link to his smartphone himself or use your tips directly on the desktop where myLike gets emulated as PWA.

Can I define who can see my tips or lists?2020-05-02T11:53:33+02:00

One of myLike’s unique features is that it allows you to define per myLike or per list who can see it. So your private beach stays private or only your friends or selected customers can see specific tips. This means: depended of the relationship you have with a person they can see in myLike the tips and lists released for this level of relationship. You can define this during the creation of a myLike or list or change the setting anytime later again.

Me’                 –          only you can see it, nobody else

Friends’       –          only you and befriended users can see it

Followers’  –          you, friends and your followers can see it

World’          –          everybody in myLike can see the myLike or list

Tip: if you share a myLike or list directly via mail or other communication channels the recipient of this unique link can see it independent of the visibility setting.

How can I add comments in multiple languages per tip?2020-06-13T11:32:14+02:00

If you are using the Mobile Concierge or Digital Travel Guide you can add your comments in multiple languages per single tip. This great for your international customers and guests.

You add to the Default language additional languages.
Default is the language which is always displayed in case there is not other fitting translated language for your customer provided by you.

Multilingual comments

Example: you want that all your customers/guests see your tips in englisch but the Italians should see it in Italian. Then you add your englisch comments in the Default field and you add Italian as add on language in the additional Italian comment field. Then Italians, using myLike in Italian (one of the languages the system works with), see your Italian comments.
A French or German person using myLike in French or German would get your Englisch comments – as there are no dedicated French and German comments from your side.

  • How to add comment languages?: Just click on the plus on the right corner of the comment field and a selection of languages will pop up. You can select multiple.
  • Is there an auto translate?: Unfortunately not yet – we recommend to do your translations.
  • My language is not there?: You can always comment in the Default comment field in any language you want. Then you can add comment fields in other languages. If you want a language we do not have in the selection yet please contact us at:
  • Can I unselect a selected language?: Yes, go to <Hamburger/Settings/Comment languages>, there you can select and unselect languages.
Who can use myLike?2020-05-02T11:53:54+02:00

myLike can be used by businesses, blogger and private user.

  • Businesses can use the advanced business functions of the Mobile Concierge or Digital Travel Guide for a small monthly fee to provide their insider tips to their guests, customers and readers.
  • Blogger can use the Blogger Tool to plan their trips and to share their best findings with their followers. vLogger can add lists of the places featured to their cool videos.
  • Private user can plan their travels, remember where they have been and share personal tips with their friends using the Personal Travel Planner for free.
  • Communities can also use the Personal Travel Planner for free.
  • None Profit Organisations (e.g. NGOs, Erasmus) can use the Digital Travel Guide for free. Please contact to apply.
Digital Travel Guide  Mobile Concierge Blogger Tool

Personal Travel Planner

Travel companies, OTAs


(travel, food, lifestyle)

Travel enthusiasts

Mobility Companies
(train, airline, bus, taxi, limoservice)



Everybody who wants to
share insider tips his own city
or travels with his friends

Rental Companies
(car, bike, boat and scooter..)

Managed Apartments Influencer

(consultants, airliner, travel groups…)

Tour operators

Bed& Breakfasts Couchsurfer hosts and guests

Media Companies
(travel and lifestyle)

Airbnb hosts


None-Profit Communities & NGOs
(e.g. Erasmus)

What is myLike and why is it so special?2020-05-02T11:53:53+02:00

myLike is a global digital platform which allows businesses, blogger and private users to provide, save and share recommendations for places and experiences with their guests, customers, followers and friends.

Key features making myLike special:

  • You can decide who can see your individual spot or specific list
  • You can decide whose tips they want to see – cluster them in groups or select by name
  • Your content is yours and you can change and delete it anytime
  • You can share your tips and lists with your friends by inviting them to myLike or by sending tips and lists through your favourite communication or social-media channel
  • You can use myLike in Guest Mode without loading the myLike app
  • Businesses can integrate their tips in all their physical and digital customer touch-points
  • Businesses can integrate interactive maps in their website using our Map-Widget

It is available as

Users can choose from 4 different products:


How can I use myLike as a marketing tool?2020-05-02T11:53:33+02:00
How can I define whoes tips I see in myLike?2020-05-02T11:53:33+02:00
How can I use myLike as a marketing tool?2020-05-02T11:53:55+02:00

Data relevance is a key marketing tool. Inspire your customers and audience with your personal pointers for vacations or nights out in their home city. Enrich their experiences by keeping them up to date about specific regions and great places to visit. You can communicate your tips inside myLike or via multiple communication channels like social media posts, websites with embedded interactive maps.

With myLike you are now part of your customers’ and audiences’ journey. You are digitally connected with them before, during and after their trip and they will promote you and your tips within their private networks. What is better than a tip from a friend?

What can my customers, guests and audience do with myLike?2020-05-02T11:53:54+02:00

With myLike your customers, guests and audience can follow your tips as their trusted travel advisor on an interactive map on their mobile phone. They can filter these by interest and navigate to the ones they wish to visit. They can save places you recommend, book them and add their own experiences with personalized comments, ratings and pictures. They can organize places in lists and share them with their personal networks. The perfect digital Travel Tool and Travel Log book with social sharing capabilities.

Can I integrate myLike in my existing website, PMS, CRM or APP?2020-05-02T11:53:54+02:00

myLike’s progressive web Design runs on IOS, Android and browser. It can be used stand alone or integrated in your existing PMS/CRM systems, infotainment solution and apps. With our deep links and website widget you can use your mail system, WLAN landing pages, NFC chips, QR codes, beacons, FB posts, chat bots, website, and others means to transport your personal tips directly on your customers phone.

How can I support international customers?2020-05-02T11:53:54+02:00

myLike is already available in 11 system languages. In addition, you can make your corresponding comment per recommendation in several languages.

How much does myLike’s Digital Travel Guide cost?2020-05-02T11:53:54+02:00

myLike’s advanced business functions of the Digital Travel Guide allow you to improve your customer service, cross-sell experiences and improve your marketing. For more information please check out our pricing or contact our support team at For your customers myLike is for free.

Do my customers, guests or audience have to download an app?2020-05-02T11:53:54+02:00

No, myLike has a special Guest Mode that allows your guests to see and experience your tips directly in your browser (as Progressive Web App = PWA). When a guest opens one of your links, he or she can decide to use this Guest Mode or to load myLike in the App Store.

Guest Mode

Graphic: Customers can decide to use your tips on their browser or load the myLike app



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