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Add a customizable Start-Screen as Digital Guest Map or Travel Hub to your Digital Travel Guide or Mobile Concierge 

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With the latest release of the myLike platform for businesses, you can now add your own customized Start-Screen to your White Label version of your Digital Travel Guide or Mobile Concierge. With this flexible tile concept it allows you to link to your personal travel guide, specific lists/tours you want to highlight but also add company-specific information, promote your own services and those of external partners, or place advertisements. As Travel Hub or Digital Guest Map you can now provide your customers or guests with everything they need for their trip, tour or hotel stay in a clear, inspiring and easy-to-use format.

Easily Customize Your Startup Screen as Travel Hub or Digital Guest Map

By creating individual active tiles of different sizes, customizing them with an image of your choice, and adding the appropriate title, you can quickly create a customized home screen for your guests or customers. For each tile, you decide where the customer will be guided to: either a pop-up window with your own content, links to internal and external websites promoting your or your partners services, or your Digital Travel Guide content. You can also customize the color of your home screen to match your corporate identity. So you can better serve your customers, generate additional revenue opportunities, streamline operations and free up your team.

Mobiler Concierge

Your Branding

Hotels, Hostels, B&Bs, Managed Apartments and more:

First create a tile across two fields, which you can then fill with a picture of your team, your property or other content that is meaningful for your hotel.

Mobility, Travel, Media, Creators and other Businesses:

Show your brand and service at a glance with an inspiring image and text.

Your Travel Guide

Hotels, Hostels, B&Bs, Managed Apartmens and more:

Link directly to your own Digital Travel Guide you created with myLike. With one click, your guest can jump to your personal recommendations for great places, experiences, restaurants and tours you want them to explore while staying at your property.

Mobility, Travel, Media Companies, Creators and more:

Inspire and support your customers with a link to your own Digital Travel Guide created with myLike. Hop-on Hop-Off companies, for example, can link to their bus routes and their highlights – as interactive maps with bookable content. Bicycle, car and RV rental companies can link to the best scenic tours. Creators can show all the great places they recommend on one interactive map with rich content.

Travel Guide Startscreen
Mobile Concierge Hotel information

Useful Company Information

Hotels, Hostels, B&Bs, Managed Apartments and more:

Your guests should also be able to access your permanent and daily updated hotel information at any time. To do this, create a tile where you can provide your guests with information on special offers, opening hours or your WiFi. In order to avoid duplicate data maintenance, simply link the corresponding part of your website to such tiles. Alternatively, create a pop-up window containing the relevant information.

Mobility, Travel, Media Companies, Creators and more:

Companies can, for example, link to their ticket sales, departure times, website, blog or other relevant data that improves the overall travel experience.

Special Lists and Tours

Hotels, Hostels, B&Bs, Managed Apartments and more:

You can highlight per tile a specific list or tour (best experiences, best restaurants or the best summer or winter activities ). Your guests can click on it and it opens right away in your personal Travel Guide.

Mobility, Travel, Media, Creators and other Businesses:

Camper companies could for example link to a whole GPS route (e.g. tour through Italy) or a list of recommended camping spots. Bus companies can link to their tours including their highlights. Creators and travel companies show the different destination highlights as dedicated lists.

Travel Guide Tours & Lists
Mobile Concierge Hotel services

Internal and external Services

Hotels, Hostels, B&Bs, Managed Apartments and more:

With this tile you can either apply this to your hotel’s own offers and services or to your partner’s services. With the first way, you can promote your services better and make them even more accessible for your guests. Create the option to make reservations and bookings directly via the tile – e.g. for your spa, bike rental or own restaurant.

Mobility, Travel, Media, Creators and other Businesses:

Companies can link to other services in their portfolio such as bus companies to boat cruises or third party services they want to promote (e.g. advertising partners).

Add Widgets

Hotels, Hostels, B&Bs, Managed Apartments and more:

Hotels can add widgets (weather), chatbots or access to tools for giving tips to the staff or reporting things which need maintenance.

Mobility, Travel, Media, Creators and other Businesses:

A Widget can show the current weather, tides or travel information.

Links to external partners and advertisement

Hotels, Hostels, B&Bs, Managed Apartments and more:

Now you can easily link to external services and advertising partners (car rental, experiences, restaurants…). You can generate affiliate sales or market your tiles as interactive advertising space.

Mobility, Travel, Media, Creators and other Businesses:

Link to or advertise service partners complementary to your services (e.g. insurances) or helpful tools (e.g. translation).

Examples for Digital Guest Maps and Travel Hubs

How your Start-Screen works with your Digital Travel Guide and Mobile Concierge

myLike’s core technology is the Digital Travel Guide or Mobile Concierge with your personal recommendations for places, experiences, accommodations and more. Using the start screen as a Travel Hub for your travel business or Digital Guest Map for your hotel, you can now jump directly to all your tips or highlight specific POIs, lists and tours. You can also provide your clients and guests with other useful information and links.

In this way, the myLike Start Screen helps all mobility, tourism and travel companies, as well as all forms of accommodation from individual flats to luxury hotels, to further improve their customer service and drive forward digitalization.

The Start-Screen is offered with the new White Label Version (= your 100% branded myLike version exclusively available for your companies and creators).

If you are interested in the new Start Screen or for further information, please contact us.