The Map Widget comes with the Mobile Concierge, Digital Travel Guide and Blogger Tool for free.

It allows you to add very easily interactive maps to your website, blog, info terminal, apps or room pads and customize them to your CI (Corporate Identity). You can generate these individual maps in the business dashboard out of lists you created in myLike. Here you find the instructions how to create your first interactive map.

The benefit of the myLike interactive maps is that website visitors (desktop or mobile) or system users can now sync your tips from your website or system with their smart phone with just one click. So your inspirational content is now ready ‘to-go’ and easy to experience.  This bridges the media gap between website and mobile devices and will generate more traffic and interaction on your website and content.

As for businesses we offer the Guest Mode, there is also no need for your customers to load an app.
Another great benefit is that changes on your individual tips and lists are automatically update on the interactive maps and at the same time on the smart phone of your customers, guests or audience.

Please check on the additional costs charged by Google in case you exceed certain API call numbers.

Map Widget
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