What is myLike’s  Blogger Tool and who can use it

With myLike’s Blogger Tool you as a blogger can now plan your next travels, add your comments, pictures and experiences to places you visited and share the best tips with your followers – for free. The content is yours and you can change it anytime. You can also decide who can see each specific your tip or lists.

With myLike’s Blogger Tool your blog does not only inspire your readers but they now can follow your footsteps easily and stay digitally connect with you. Our Map Widget makes your blog interactive and lets your readers sync your insider tips with their smartphones with one click without the need to download an app. You can also use your social media channels and newsletter to share your tips with your followers. If your audience is multilingual you can provide your comments in multiple languages per spot and your readers can use myLike in 11 languages. Your tips can be booked and generate affiliate revenue for you.

myLike is the perfect travel planner and sharing tool for travel, lifestyle, food and fashion blogger, vlogger and influencer.

Businesses should use our Mobile Concierge or Digital Travel Guide to share tips with their guests and customers.