If you use the Mobile Concierge, Digital Travel Guide or Blogger Tool it is very easy to create an interactive map for your website of blog. Your customers and guests can sync with one click your tips to their smart phones – ready to experience. Whenever you change the content of a list the respective map also gets updated – as well as the content on your customers phone.

  1. create a list of myLikes by theme or target group
  2. open the myLike Dashboard (you can also open the app – but the dashboard is more convenient and offers more functions
  3. go to <Widget> on the menu on the left side
  4. choose the name of the list from the pull down menu you want to convert to an interactive map (at the moment ‘all myLikes’ does not work yet)
  5. define the colors of the map, frame, button…. according to your CI
  6. add fix-points (e.g. your hotel, office or meeting point)
  7. create the code and integrate it in your website or blog
    Attention: use the HTML mode in your editor and do not toggle between HTML and Edit View, WordPress and other tools will cut of the first part of the code
  8. add the Google API on the dashboard site (else your maps will have ‘under development’ all over the place)
Map Widget

When you create your interactive map with the Map Widget you can define multiple parameters:

  1. visibility of the name and the description of the list
  2. color of the map: light or dark
  3. frame color: invisible or any color you chose
  4. color of ‘get the tips’ button
  5. you can add also multiple fix-points (your hotel, meeting point, office..) and define the color : black or red
Map Widget Details