Your customers, guests and audience can now experience your tips right on their browser as Progressive Web App (PWA) without he need to download the myLike App as.

If they click on one of your follow invitations, shared links or ‘Get these tips’ on your interactive maps on your website they have now the option to either use myLike on their browser or download the myLike app.

Mobile Use:
If the user opens a link on his mobile device he can decide to either continue as guest (Guest Mode) or load the myLike app. Using the guest mode restricts the user to the viewing mode, he cannot add own content or share content. As a guest he can see what you released to your followers.

The welcome screen displays your logo (you can set them in your profile settings in the dashboard) so you are easily recognized as the inviting party.

The next screen opens then depending on the link you provided:

  • Link to a list – the list logo is displayed in the right top corner as source
  • Follow invite – your avatar is displayed as source
  • Single myLike – the myLike opens in its detail view
  • Link from an interactive map – opens the like the link to a list

Functional limitations:
In guest mode, users are logged in as generic guests (with follower status). This allows them to see all your tips that are released for followers. However, they cannot save tips themselves, create lists or share them with others. For this purpose they must create their own accounts.

Guest Mode

Save Guest Mode on mobile phone’s home screen:
Your customers can save the Guest-View right on their home screen as an icon. They will be triggered to do os but they can do this also manually any time later.

PWA on homescreen

If the user opens your links on the desktop, he can either send a link to his smartphone himself or use your tips directly on the desktop where myLike gets emulated as PWA.