You can easily share your tips in myLike with your customers, guests and audience:

  1. send  your customers, guests and audience a follow invitation so they have direct access to your  personal tips under your brand name and stay digitally connected with you.
  2. you can share lists or a specific myLike in mails or other communication channels.
  3. post new locations, lists of your profile in Facebook.
  4. integrate your tips as interactive maps on your website or blog with our Map Widget. Customers simply click on the map and are linked to the relevant content and you.
  5. your customers, guest or audience can also simply enter your name in myLike as a source and your tips will be displayed geolocated under your brand.
  6. integrate myLike in your own  or 3rd party info systems, apps or digital guest-map as PWA, QR code or with our Map Widget.
  7. integrate QR codes of links to specific lists or your profile in your print material like paper maps, posters or brochure.

Your customer, guests and audience can then choose between a browser view (Guest Mode) or loading the myLike app in the App Stores.