One of myLike’s unique features is that it allows you to define per myLike or per list who can see it. So your private beach stays private or only your friends or selected customers can see specific tips. This means: depended of the relationship you have with a person they can see in myLike the tips and lists released for this level of relationship. You can define this during the creation of a myLike or list or change the setting anytime later again.

Me’                 –          only you can see it, nobody else

Friends’       –          only you and befriended users can see it

Followers’  –          you, friends and your followers can see it

World’          –          everybody in myLike can see the myLike or list

Tip: if you share a myLike or list directly via mail or other communication channels the recipient of this unique link can see it independent of the visibility setting.