Our Map Widget uses Google Maps as map technology to display your tips on your website or blog.

Since 2018 Google requires you to have an account (for free) to use their map service on a website. This service offers a monthly free volume for Google’s API services worth $200 USD. This corresponds to 950 map views per day or more than 25.000 per month. In addition, 7 USD is charged per 1000 views (please visit Googles website for the latest pricing). If who have high volume Google offers special volume discounts. If you do not sign up your maps (independent of whether you use myLike or not will be blurred and show ‘for development only’ all over the map. If you have questions please contact us at support@mylike.io.

Please find here the instruction how you can get your API key for free and how you add it to myLike’s Map Widget.